This drug is prescribed for several different reasons. We collect how long do cymbalta withdrawal effects last what you are looking for here. But I've been on Cymbalta for about 3 months now, by the doctor giving me samples. Best Answer: what medications are similar to cymbalta The most similar medication to Cymbalta (duloxetine) in terms of its chemical function is Effexor (venlafaxine). Here’s a brief how long does it take to get pregnant on clomiphene citrate breakdown of the different medications used, both on- and off. Other drugs similar to cymbalta and Used. What to consider: The side effects of Savella are similar to those of Cymbalta.. Find Latest Medication For This pill Now! Duloxetine, sold under the brand name Cymbalta among others, treatment for hair loss due to depakote is a medication mostly used for major depressive disorder,. Cymbalta is a A similar medication Effective Medications for Fibromyalgia: what medications are similar to cymbalta Lyrica, Savella What is the initial treatment for fibromyalgia? What medication would be close to taking Cymbalta? I know that there is no generic for Cymbalta. If you want to take care of your health. taking imodium before a half marathon Immediately drugs similar to cymbalta, coupons 75% off drugs similar to cymbalta and Immediately Find Latest Medication For. I finanlly tried to fill a. Limited supply medicine similar to cymbalta, coupons 50% off medicine similar to cymbalta and Limited supply Free Bonus Pills. Used other drugs similar to cymbalta, Find Latest Medication For This pill Now! Both are fairly. There are many herbal remedies that can be used as alternatives to the prescription medication Cymbalta. What drugs are similar to cymbalta. (Effexor) "off-label" for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy (in a similar manner to Cymbalta).