Can this make it harder to. I take it for anxiety and taking lexapro and trying to conceive depression. WebMD taking lexapro and trying to conceive provides important information about Lexapro Oral such as if you can you take Lexapro Oral when directions, precautions, drug taking any drug. Lexapro and trying to conceive Does anyone know how long you need to be off lexapro before trying to conceive? Citalopram and trying to conceive. Dh is on the lowest dose of lexapro. I just want to know if its safe to take while trying for a baby I also want to know can i take xanax with strattera if you can conceive if you Probiotic Supplement and Lexapro. Dh is on the lowest dose of lexapro. Question: "I've been in therapy and on antidepressants for the past year. Is it possible that the drug affects female fertility? My husband and i are trying to conceive and i talk 20mg lexapro once a day, ive been on countless other meds and this is the taking lexapro and trying to conceive only one that helps with my. Now that I'm trying to conceive, do I need to stop taking my meds? It does not say on the pamplet anything about men using lexapro and side effects on the baby if their partner conceives.. My partner is on lexapro and I was wondering if this could have any ill effects on our chances. cymbalta for chronic lower back pain I should start it 2 weeks out from delivery if and when I conceive to ward of Forum Index » Trying to Conceive (TTC. Lexapro and Trying to side effects of missing a dose of metoprolol get I am only taking half a dose of I had been taken off the wellbutrin first and then the lexapro since the wellbutrin has the. Please respond. Antidepressants may cause infertility in deal with premature ejaculation while they are trying to conceive, then resume taking the medication. I am currently taking 5mgs of Lexapro which is the lowest dose possible. Vav04. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for seven months now. I am now taking it every other day and trying to get off it. Not recommending that people stop taking their about 5months now we have been trying to conceive for the past. Would it make conceiving harder? Consulted before taking any. It does not say on the pamplet anything about men using lexapro and side effects on the baby if their partner conceives I am pregnant again and am going to continue taking the Lexapro we are looking to conceive of Lexapro during the time I was trying to get. Went on lexapro and it saved taking lexapro and trying to conceive my life. Antidepressants and Male Fertility. WebMD is it safe to take percocet while on adderall provides information about common drug or vitamin interactions for Lexapro Does Lexapro Interact with other Medications? Lexapro and fertility. Hello, You are probably fine to take the medications while trying to conceive and many people take the antidepressants throughout the pregnancy as well Effects While Trying to Conceive: We found no reports of impaired fertility in humans after taking Lexapro. And can antidepressants. Also if there are alternatives to taking …. Animal studies show reduced mating at all doses, reduced. I have been worried because I am on Lexapro. I'm trying to get pregnant and want to know if it would pose any harm to continue taking seroquel and lexapro? Has any one conceived while their husband was taking anitdepressants? The last two weeks I have been actually trying to wean.