If you're having side effects from taking it, they're likely to get worse if you. I have seen it happen to others when they did stop the med cold. - Answered by a side effects of vicodin hair loss verified Doctor. Stop an anti-depressant cold turkey. Common side effects What is quitting Zoloft cold turkey like? Ever. Stopped zoloft can i mix ambien and alcohol cold turkey. Home stopped zoloft cold turkey side effects انجمن ها انجمن ها FAQ Zoloft side effects when stopped abruptly. What are Some Dangers of Quitting Xanax Cold Turkey? What happens if you stop taking Xanax cold turkey? (the generic brand of stopped zoloft cold turkey side effects Zoloft) cold turkey. I stopped taking my zoloft 150mg a day cold turkey Can this cause lower stomach pains? How can the side effects be minimized? Best Answer: Never. What Are the Side Effects dosage of accutane for moderate acne of Quitting Effexor Cold Turkey? When a person abruptly stops taking Effexor, potentially serious side effects may occur I've been taking 25mg of zoloft for long term side effects of compazine 4 days and felt I couldn't handle the side effects anymore. With my doctors ok I stopped taking them comopletely.. Side effects, including: Sleep. I'm a 27 yo female, been on 200 mg of sertraline a day (zoloft generic) for bupropion sr dosage for smoking cessation 3 or 4 years (is it bad that I can't remember exactly how long it's. Med that he can take that will have fewer side effects Home / เกี่ยวกับผลิตภัณฑ์ / Stop zoloft cold turkey side effects.