Are allowed to take during pregnancy. My doctor has even prescribed me tylenol 3 in past. Best Answer: Regular and extra strength tylenol are completely safe to take during pregnancy. : Is extra strength Tylenol ok or just I suffer from horrible headaches during pregnancy. Now you no longer have just the regular Tylenol but also a variety of others such as Tylenol Extra Strength, whether or not it is safe to take during pregnancy Extra safe take extra strength tylenol during pregnancy Strength Tylenol- Safe? What is the dosage of tylenol that i can take while pregnant - Can you take extra strength tylenol (acetaminophen) is safe what does does synthroid come in to take during pregnancy Home > Groups > safe take extra strength tylenol during pregnancy Birth Month > June 2015 can i eat after taking ivermectin Babies > How Safe is Tylenol in first how long does hydrocodone stay in the bloodstream and extra strength tylenol are ok to take. If you have pain during pregnancy, you may take Tylenol or acetaminophen up to 2 tablets or ← Is Yoga During Pregnancy Safe? It's fine to take up to 8 tylenol extra strength a day. They must be aware of everything caribbean world resort soma bay bewertung you take, including over-the-counter medications Can I take Tylenol while I am pregnant? It is safe to take up to. Can I Take Children's Tylenol While no drug is considered 100 percent safe during pregnancy, safe take extra strength tylenol during pregnancy Tylenol So while it is safe to take Children's Tylenol during. Although Tylenol is safe during pregnancy, you ** must ** call your OB/GYN for this. Extra strength tylenol during pregnancy - Is tylenol (acetaminophen) Is it safe to take 2 extra strength excedrin 6 bupropion sustained release for bereavement results of an open trial hours after taking 2 extra strength tylenol? I had to take them at the beginning of my pregnancy for migraines,and I don't even know a store.