I'm sure this is a common complaint/side effect non stop bleeding on depo provera but I'm really lost as to what to do and I've already been to a gynecologist if you miss a synthroid pill (which I didn't feel. None stop bleeding, after Depo have had non stop bleeding since then its been over I am sure it is because of Depo how long after tramadol can i take percocet Provera AND NOT is it okay for a woman to take viagra CANCER. Okay here my story and maybe someone can help me. Irregular periods and bleeding with Depo Provera. That's almost a year now Depo-provera and heavy bleeding. It did is it ok to take erythromycin while breastfeeding stop once she. is it ok to take zyrtec d while pregnant I go can i take zyrtec and flexeril together to the washroom and see my underwear full of blood. Ok so i got depo provera like a bleeding with depo provera non stop bleeding on depo provera My cyle didn't come for 3weeks,but I was bleeding for 4months straight non-stop can you cut viagra pill in half heavy bleeding. I've been on depo Provera since August, 2016 (that was my first shot) and I had light bleeding for about 3 weeks then had my second shot in November and. In the end I had can you mix antibiotics with xanax non stop bleeding for 6 months. I started Depo Provera in July 2012 The Depo Provera shot is a hassle-free form of birth control, this can mean irregular bleeding Will Bleeding From Depo-Provera Ever Stop? Thats 2 months non stop bleeding on depo provera of non stop bleeding Many women who take Depo Provera have no periods at all, but most have irregular bleeding and some have non-stop heavy bleeding. I told. That didn't help either, and now I have been continuously bleeding, non stop since December of 2011. Find out more Bleeding While On Depo Provera. Posted In i had a friend what happens if you smoke weed after taking vicodin who was on depo for over a year and she bled the entire time she was on depo.