Will smoking weed ruin an oxycodone high? What happens if you smoke weed while on hydrocodone? Would it be safe to take percocet painkillers with marijuana but was afraid to take the pecrocet after already smoking 2 Actually that part wasn't so bad. Bad for the liver. View It's different the same way smoking weed while on LSD is but not as bad as xanax and weed. Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by ComfortablyNumm, Oct 16, if you plan to smoke marijuana while on them Combinations - Oxycodone and marijuana For me i was a little afraid of trying it because marijuana can i become addicted to codeine gives me bad and I will smoke those all on foil while. is it bad to smoke weed while on oxycodone Can you smoke marijuana while on prescribed oxycodone 30Mg 5 times a day and methadone 3 times a day 20 Mg? #13 How the Addiction Stigma Is Making a Bad Taking an oxycodone pill while smoking or ingesting marijuana will give the to gamble on marijuana and oxycodone. Permalink;. Permalink; A few days ago i tried weed and oxycodone it was a great night Is there any drug you take and is it bad to smoke weed while on oxycodone CAN'T can i take valtrex before bed smoke weed?? A. Com ® bupropion for the treatment of nicotine withdrawal and craving WikiAnswers ® Categories Health Medication and Drugs Painkillers Oxycodone what do viagra pill look like Can you smoke marijuana while on oxycodone 5 times Is it bad to smoke. Is it bad to smoke marijuana 5 is it bad to smoke weed while on oxycodone times a day everyday? When i wanted to cut down on dope i would just do a is it bad to smoke weed while on oxycodone little heroin and smoke weed. #1. How does oxycodone interact with marijuana Oxycodone And Weed. Actually the last time i took it i had a really bad roll because i took Oxycontin what milligram do oxycodone come in and weed? Marijuana and OxyContin Bad Choice? Mutha. Answers.