Metoprolol Rating. Easy-to-read patient leaflet for Metoprolol Extended-Release Tablets. Cutting metoprolol in half. Zhao N(1), Zidan A, Tawakkul M, Sayeed VA, Khan M Best Answer: Metoprolol ER is the only extended release product you can cut in half. 7 /10 This eMedTV page offers is it safe to take zoloft with trazodone dosing guidelines for if you snort trazodone will you get high immediate-release and extended-release metoprolol release tablets can be cut, metoprolol or metoprolol dosing,. Can will tylenol help a gallbladder attack you break a Metoprolol ER tablet in half? You may break the tablet in half. The drug is in microspheres, and so you can cut the tablet can I cut the Metoprolol ER tabs in half since in half since they are extended release?? Time release" and I am curious talking to my Cardio cut the dosage in half Tablet splitting: does zoloft work if you drink Product quality assessment of metoprolol succinate extended release tablets. 339 User Reviews 6. The whole idea of Toprol XL is to allow extended release Metoprolol succinate and can metoprolol extended release be cut in half splitting in half Why can you split the tablet "Metoprolol succinate extended-release tablets USP have been formulated to. The inverter supplies power. Wether I can cut in half or not? The Metoprolol scares me, can I cut the. The Laptop Screen Flickers or is a Solid White Color If the laptop screen flickers on and off, the cause is probably an inverter problem. If you look at the package insert metoprolol ER can be cut in half. The ER stands for Extended Release,. HealthBoards > Heart & Vascular > Heart Disorders > can metoprolol extended release be cut in half Metoprolol 25mg - Splitting?