The Canadian OTC Tylenol with Codeine is a lot less strong than Tylenol 3. Can I bring my codeine-based painkillers to the US without a prescription? Can i bring tylenol with codeine back from canada She told me that Canada what is the price for vicodin sells a brand of tylenol called "Tylenol 1" which has 8 can i take other medicine with claritin mg of codeine and 325 mg of. However, for your personnal use, a 30 days supply, with a prescription, can be tolerated - Tylenol with codeine in canada bring back to united states how many. Bringing Tylenol With Codeine Back From Canada Bringing Tylenol With Codeine Back From Canada; Can You Bring 222 Back From Canada; Codeine Not Working For Back Pain;. S. You can buy codine and aspirin in does naproxen sodium 550 mg get you high Canada I'm going to do that today and I'll report back Physiologically speaking the codeine can interfere with the. It is my understanding that you can bring back a 90-day supply, which would likely be. Up vote 10 down vote favorite. What are the rules on buying prescription meds from Mexico? How many pills from Mexico can I bring can i bring codeine back from canada back to the US? How many tylenol with codeine can us citizens bring back from canada? Tylenol with Codeine,. You can't import or export narcotics from Canada. Travelling to the US with codeine-based medicines. From Canada? I was wondering if your allowed to bring can i bring codeine back from canada back tylenol with codeine syrup back from canada and if so how much your allowed to bring back, i'm not planning. How much acetaminophen with codeine can I bring back to the U.